Ligar's Development Path

Where we are up to

Ligar doesn’t have products in market yet – this is expected in late 2016. We are currently focusing on development projects with our national and international partners and on the completion of large scale pilot trials which prove the technical performance of the polymers and systems. These are providing data on costs, capex and expected return on investment.


MIP development

MIP performance is proven in independent trials. Polymers for new targets can be developed quickly, particularly if we have produced polymers for similar targets before.


Bead development

Our polymers have been coated onto beads to allow for large large volume, high speed filtration and extraction.  Each new polymer goes through a performance optimisation process using a standard process.


Scaled-up manufacturing

We’re manufacturing on a small scale (20kg/day) using methods that are scalable.¬† Production volumes will scale up as our pilot trials and commercial projects grow in volume.


Filtration systems

Two pilot systems have undergone trials with great results.  One uses MIP beads packed in filtration columns and an automated extraction system.  The other uses polymer powder in a plate & frame system.  We’re good to go.