Can we extract your target molecule?


Ligar’s imprinted polymers can be developed to capture a very wide range of molecular targets within a wide range of fluids.  Each polymer performs differently, even polymers for the same target that are operating in different environments.  For example, a chromium polymer designed to work at 40 degrees in a low pH environment will perform differently to a chromium polymer designed to work at 10 degrees in a high pH environment.  The complexity of the liquid can make it challenging to give a definitive answer on whether we can make polymers for specific target.

If we know the target molecule and the nature of the liquid in which it appears, we can make a quick assessment on whether it’s likely that we can make an effective polymer (we have a form that we ask you to fill in – just ask for this).  From there we prepare a development project which, in most cases, will require funding to carry out.