A revolution in molecular extraction

Ligar radically changes how molecules are extracted reducing time, complexity and costs

Filtration and extraction of specific molecules

Systems to extract molecules

Plant and equipment can be built at any scale to extract molecules, simply increasing the amount of polymer to suit the requirements.

Organic molecules & metals

The range of molecules that can be captured is vast, ranging from most common metals to many types of small organic molecules.

Specific extraction of valuable molecules

Our specificity enables us to extract high value molecules from complex liquids, even if they are present at very low levels.

Filtration of contaminants & pollutants

Heavy metals, toxins and other organic pollutants can be removed from waste streams, waterways and even from fluid foods.

Videos on Ligar and using imprinted polymers

Our short videos introduce MIPs, explaining in non-scientific terms how they work and shows how they can be used in the large scale for filtration and extraction.  We can have more technical discussions on what can and can’t be bound using Ligar’s MIPs in person or via teleconference.

Summary brochure

Our brochure (in English and Chinese) provides a broad overview of the technology and its applications and is the best place to start when thinking about commercial opportunities.

There are many opportunities waiting to be explored – anywhere where molecules are in the wrong place.  

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Applying MIPs

Our polymers are designed to remove very specific molecules from a flow, even at ppb levels, using simple, rapid processes.

Wide Target Range

The ranges of potential targets is almost limitless, from metals to hormones, phenols to agrochemicals.

Range of Environments

Our polymers can be designed to work in a wide range of fluids, temperatures, pH ranges, flow rates and pressures.

What's your target?

We can quickly evaluate the potential to use imprinted polymers to extract specific molecules.
Ligar was a finalist in three categories of 2016’s NZ Innovation Awards – clean tech, food & beverage and start up.  The awards were handed out at an event at Sky City on 20th October 2016 and Ligar won the Start-Up Innovator of the Year award. Yay!  There is an article on the award winners in Idealog here and a NZ Innovation Awards magazine available to download here.

The evaluators said that ‘introducing a cost-effective way to not only clean up waste streams but have some waste product reused is a great achievement’.

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